Nifty Fifties Travel welcomes you!

Hello there – I’m a fifty-something wanna-be explorer who loves getting off the normal tourist routes and exploring emerging countries and their cultures, as well as finding new ways to explore 1st world cities and countryside. My sense of adventure has taken me to so many places where I have met beautiful people, experienced diverse cultures and eaten amazing traditional cuisines.  I’ve also scared myself with some of my more adventerous experiences and often cried at the heart-breaking human and environmental injustices I’ve seen.

My travelling creates such special memories and thought-provoking moments – it’s my passion.  It’s in my blood and soul.

My blog is for others who are like-spirited, on the plus side of fifty and who still seek to travel with a sense of adventure and opportunity to truly experience what their destination, its people and culture have to offer.

Some of my favourite places include South America, South Africa, Namibia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Morocco, Portugal, Spain and my ultimate dream come true trip – Tibet.
Being a Kiwi (New Zealander) I have explored most of my own beautiful country from top to bottom. During the past seven years of living in Brisbane, Australia, I have also explored many areas of Australia. My 2016 adventure is taking me to Mongolia – can’t wait to head off in early July!

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